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Sales through, Barnes &, and the national book distributors Ingram and Baker and Taylor

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Self-published books now account for over half of all books published in America. This amounts to a revolution in the publishing industry.

Self-publishing has had a long and distinguished history in this country. Some of our greatest writers—including Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, Gertrude Stein, and Henry Miller—have subsidized the publication of their own books. But in the last few years self-publishing has truly become mainstream.

Authors do so because they can’t find a publisher willing to take a chance on their work or prefer to keep complete creative control of the publishing process in their own hands. For most authors, publishing a book goes beyond words. It embodies a dream that has taken years, sometimes decades, to flower.

If you've finally reached the end of your long creative journey and you're ready to self-publish, we know you want to wrap your hands around a final product that you can truly take pride in—whether you plan to sell copies or give them away.

We want your book to make the impression that you want and it deserves. We want to make it a pleasurable experience from beginning to end for anyone who picks it up. And if you want to sell your books, you can do so through and Barnes & or arrange for purchase on the ipad, Nook, and Kindle, and have copies available for purchase by bookstores through America’s largest book distributors. We can even arrange for a live sales force to market your book to corporate chain-bookstore buyers. There’s no longer any way to tell your book is self-published.

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Barry Sheinkopf, Director of Services
Barry Sheinkopf, Director

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